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Sales vs. Marketing: Why The Difference Matters

Posted By: admin March 3, 2017

Salt and Pepper . . . Bogart and Bacall . . . Chicago and Daley . . .Sales and Marketing What do these terms have in common? They are all familiar word associations. How is the last term different from the rest? Well, for the first three, no one usually confuses one term for another! Sales and Marketing is often used as one phrase or the two words are used interchangeably. Yet, there is a significant difference between sales and marketing - and that difference can impact your business. Marketing includes all those activities you perform before you talk to…

Consistency in Marketing

Posted By: admin April 2, 2017

Francis Bacon said “Consistency is the foundation of virtue.” But, Bernard Berenson said that “Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago." So which one is right? When marketing your products and services, consistency means developing a foundation, or marketing plan, that is flexible enough to be modified over time. An effective marketing plan provides a powerful, cohesive blueprint that supplies insight to your industry and market, clarifies your marketing strategy, and evaluates and prioritizes your many promotional options. The marketing plan documents your objectives and goals and details the steps you will take…

Reach Out and Touch Your Customers and Prospects

Posted By: admin May 2, 2017

A marketing touch occurs whenever your business comes into contact with a potential or existing customer. People are more likely to buy when they have a relationship with you and your business. How many touches are enough? Estimates range from 7 to 30. Consider the industry, complexity, and sales cycle. Effort varies if you are selling manufacturing equipment, customer relationship software, or commercial moving services. Seven touches are a good place to start. What is a marketing touch? Touch your clients and prospects through: Ads  Articles  Blogs  Brochures  Business Expos  Direct mail E-mails  Events  Gift Cards  Letters  Meetings  Networking Events…

Wave That Flag! Branding For Small Businesses

Posted By: admin June 2, 2017

Think of your brand as a flag waving at your customers and prospects. What does it mean to them? Just as a national flag represents the values of a nation, your brand tells the marketplace what your business stands for. The role of your brand is to increase awareness of the products and services you offer and communicate their benefits. Your brand is a combination of your logo, the key messages your business uses, the people that represent your business and the services you provide. Together, these elements provide a unified image for everything that your customers see - including…