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Connie R. Hebert, Ed.D., Owner, Einnoc Educational Enterprises

Connie R. Hebert, Ed.D., Owner, Einnoc Educational Enterprises

Posted By: admin June 29, 2015

It has been my pleasure to work with Peggy Morrow and Insight Consulting, LLC. during the past 6 months. Without knowing where to turn for promotional advertising in the Chicago area for my company’s upcoming event for educators, I was delighted to connect with Peg through the Stonegate Conference Center people. This connection has opened doors that might otherwise have remained closed to us, especially since we are located on the east coast. Peg has been consistent, professional, prompt, and trustworthy in all of our dealings. I would recommend her services to any business owner who would like to expand, promote, or market themselves. Not only is Insight Consulting assisting us in Chicago, but they are opening doors for us in 3 other national locations! This is a big plus for our mission. My sincerest thanks to Peg and her team at Insight Consulting…great work!


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