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Reach Out and Touch Your Customers and Prospects

Reach Out and Touch Your Customers and Prospects

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A marketing touch occurs whenever your business comes into contact with a potential or existing customer. People are more likely to buy when they have a relationship with you and your business.

How many touches are enough? Estimates range from 7 to 30. Consider the industry, complexity, and sales cycle. Effort varies if you are selling manufacturing equipment, customer relationship software, or commercial moving services. Seven touches are a good place to start.

What is a marketing touch? Touch your clients and prospects through:

  • Ads  Articles  Blogs  Brochures  Business Expos  Direct mail
  • E-mails  Events  Gift Cards  Letters  Meetings  Networking Events
  • Newsletters  Phone Calls  Postcards  Presentations  Recommendations
  • Referrals  Social Media  Surveys  Video  Web Sites  Webinars

First Things First.

Every time a customer comes into contact with your business, a marketing relationship can be strengthened. Before you make that first touch, do you have a marketing plan and a strong understanding of your market? Does your product or service offer a benefit that your target audience really wants? Does your strategy separate you from the competition?

Volume Is Not Enough.

Focusing on seven touches is just the beginning.

  • Determine which types of touches are right for your business.
  • Make sure your communications are clear and effective.
  • Provide value in your touches.
  • Make it easy for your customers and prospects to find you and respond.
  • Build credibility by demonstrating your expertise and experience.
  • Present a professional, consistent image.

Measure. Measure. Measure.

Keep track of what techniques are working and your return on investment. Remember that marketing is a series of events over time so don’t be too quick to dismiss an earlier touch.

Next Steps.

Need a strategy for getting more customers and making more money? Want to reach out and touch your customers and prospects? Contact me today for a free consultation.


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